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At AET, we see it important to have control over the manufacturing processes. By keeping in touch with where we are in the manufacturing phase, we can better prepare for what’s coming. As such, we utilize many tools that enhance the production of custom assemblies. In this spotlight, we’d like to cover how AET’s Waterjet is a valuable asset to the production of vessels and cryogenic systems.

Waterjets can cut many materials, from plastics thru hard metals, with essentially no heat-effected cut zone. In addition, the edges can be made clean, requiring very little post-processing. Furthermore, with the ability to cut 2D parts out of sheet stock thru to adding penetrations to existing parts like vessel heads, the versatility of a waterjet can’t be denied. Given that we manufacture all types of products, this cutting tool is a great asset.

When looking for a system engineering and manufacturing company, keep in mind that it’s best to keep a handle on the in-house capabilities held by that manufacturer. Will your process be stalled because they need an outsourced service that takes weeks?

So what do you have to know about Waterjets to get the advantages? You don’t have to know anything besides that we have it covered. Visit our website to learn more and contact us for a quote for your next project:

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