What is a Pilot Plant?

A Pilot plant is a process system that is designed to demonstrate a functional concept prior to designing and fabricating a larger production sized system. Pilot plants are much more cost effective than a full scale production systems, and they can be used to optimize a process prior to production. They can range in size from small laboratory-sized units that are simple to design and require no automation to large custom-assembled and highly automated systems that require a significant amount of engineering and design expertise. Pilot Plants are used in industries as varied as Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Scientific R&D, Environmental, Polymers, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-energy, Food & Beverage and Mining.

Why AET For Pilot Plant Services?

For more than 30 years, AET has been a global fabricator and supplier of pilot plant components to many of the leading pilot plant manufacturers in the world. In 2016 AET formed a strategic partnership with one of their customers, Texol Engineering PVT Ltd., to establish Texol Corporation USA. Based in Illinois, Texol Corporation will provide clients with high quality, cost competitive pilot plants systems. The pilot plants will be engineered and designed by Texol Engineering PVT Ltd., and the fabrication of the systems will be done by AET Inc. at their facility in Illinois. System commissioning and on-going Aftermarket sales and service support will be provided through AET Inc.
You can see more about the joint venture, Texol Corporation USA, at our website here: www.texolcorp.com

Applicable Services Offered by AET;

Pilot Plant Components offered by AET includes, but is not limited to;

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