Cryogenic Gas Purifiers

Manual and PLC Driven systems that fit any bulk gas purifying need.

Welding & Fabrication

AET specializes in providing weld and fabrication solutions for our clients.  Our experience and solutions give us an edge in taking on new challenges.

Waterjet Cutting

This system works using ultra-high water pressure. The high pressure water and abrasive work together to cut a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Completed Projects Over The Last 30 Years!

Engineering & Design

Quality Fabrication & Testing

Documentation & Support

Get the AET Experience

  • An Engineering team that believes collaboration is key.
  • Fabrication Including Machining, Welding and Waterjet.
  • Qualified Testing Procedures and a dedicated QA Manager, CWI.
  • Full documentation packages and all products come with AET’s experienced support team to answer any questions you may have.
  • A diverse project history that enhances our skills in all fields of work.

Cryogenic Bayonet

Coupling for cryogenic pipelines and dewars.

Cryogenic Check Valve

Vertical Orientation Cryo-Check

PLC & Controls

Custom electrical automation and panels.

Flex Pipe

Flexible Metal Hose and Bellows Assemblies

LNG Equipment

Vacuum Jacketed LNG Pipelines and Dewars

Pilot Plants

Catalyst Testing Equipment

Blending and Pipe Skids

Single and Multi-Unit Modular Pipe Skids


Vacuum Seal-Off Ports

Gas Purification Units

Bulk Gas Purifiers for Helium, Hydrogen and other gases.


High Temperature and/or High Pressure Reactor Vessels

Rotary Baskets

Mixing Baskets for Industrial and Scientific use.

Catalyst Metering Valves

Slide Valves for Catalyst Metering and Testing.

Vacuum Jacketed Piping

Cryogenic Transferlines

Pressure and Vacuum Vessels

ASME Section VIII Division 1 Vessels, as well as Vacuum Vessels.

Notre Dame Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

Notre Dame, in collaboration with Purdue University, is developing a hypersonic wind tunnel.  This project is funded by the government to provide an environment to test components at Mach 6 speeds. Ability Engineering Technology was contracted to provide a vacuum...

Ability Engineering @ Gasworld Helium Summit 2018

Ability Engineering is looking forward to exhibiting at Gasworld's Helium Summit in Houston, Texas on the 4th of October. (Table 18) As shown on the Gasworld helium summit website ( ); "With the...

New Website Quote Request Forms

To simplify the quotation process of certain AET products & solutions we've integrated some forms for submission to our new site. These forms can be found on our Vessels and Purifiers pages currently, with more to come. If you have any feedback on the forms,...

Our Mission Statement

“Who Says It Can’t Be Done?”

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc., AET, is a business that makes your interests our interests. Our goal is for you to be satisfied in the products and services that we can provide you with. Our customers encompass a diverse group in Industrial, Scientific and Private Organizations. Quality of our customer’s products and Safety of our employees are our number one priorities. Our services and products, although usually custom, are handled with the utmost importance and with your satisfaction in mind. We will be, and always have been, competitive in product offerings and pricing. Due to close collaboration and open relationships with our customers throughout the designing and fabrication phases, AET will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We look forward to future ventures with current and future customers, and welcome anyone to contact us for more information about our products and services.

About Us

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc., AET, is a multi-disciplined engineering, design and manufacturing company specializing in providing engineered, cryogenic and process equipment and precision-machined parts for application within the energy, industrial, and scientific market segments. With more than 50 years of expertise in delivering engineered solutions to its global customer base, AET is known for its product quality, as well as its engineering versatility & creativity. More…

Bulk Gas Purifiers

Our gas purification systems are cryogenic adsorber based technology. They accepts a flow of gas at 300-3000 PSI and removes the impurities by adsorption. Silica gel or other similar adsorbents are used as the adsorbent material and utilizes liquid nitrogen for cooling.


AET is an ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Code Section VIII Division 1 Facility and can provide customers with “U” and “UM” Stamped Vessels.

Vacuum Jacketed Transferlines

AET Designs and Manufactures vacuum jacketed transfer lines for the cryogenic industry. This application is utilized to transfer gases/liquids with a low boiling point while shielding them from atmospheric interference.

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