Hydrogen Gas sees price hikes at higher purity levels. Cryogenic Purification can be an excellent way to get more out of what you can purchase from your current supplier, or increase capacity of what you can sell at a higher purity for that higher premium.

AET’s hydrogen gas cryogenic adsorption purifiers are designed and manufactured for explosion-proof environments, with or without electronic controls.  For hazardous locations, PLCs can be integrated to the unit directly, or routed through junction enclosures for remote control. For more information on how our cryogenic purifiers work, please see our main cryogenic purifier unit page.

Product Highlights:

Why get your purifier from AET?

  • Units in operation for 15+ Years
  • Skilled fabrication, ASME certified
  • Designed for easy Maintenance
  • Less than 6 Hour Self-Regeneration
  • Low Maintenance – High Up-time
  • Reliable and Readily Available Parts

Examples uses of High-Grade Hydrogen Gas:

  • Flushing Gas for Semiconductor processing
  • Agricultural Use
  • Utilized as a Catalyst in Multiple Industries such as Pharmaceutical
  • High temperature glass-manufacturing atmosphere
  • Cleaner Fuel Research
  • Specialty Balloon Manufacturing & Supply
Further Thoughts:
When seeking hydrogen gas purifiers for your application, make sure to contact those that are familiar in working with sensitive gases.  If you see it fit, please contact us via one of the forms below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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If you would prefer to download a version of our purifier request form and then email it, the form can be downloaded here and sent to sales@abilityengineering.com.

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