Vacuum, Heated, Cooling and/or Mechanically Insulated

Not only does AET specialize in custom single-wall vessels, we also have a history in providing jacketed vessels/equipment. Our Weld Shop and Machine Shop being in the same location helps to expedite the manufacturing process. 

    Jacketed Vessel types:

    • Vacuum Insulation, With or Without MLI
    • Water / Glycol Room Temperature
    • Heated Elements
    • Mechanical Insulation such as Wool

    Some Industries that utilize jacketed vessels are:

    • Process Equipment / Extraction
    • Cryogenics / Cold Storage
    • Scientific R&D
    • Food/Beverage and Oil-Based Product Manufacturing

     Certified Welders and Processes

    AET is an ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Code Section VIII Division 1 Facility and can provide customers with “U” and “UM” Stamped Vessels. We can also provide NBIC, National Board Inspection Code, “R” Stamp repairs for vessels and components, please see our Repair and Refurbishment services for more information on “R” Stamped repairs.

    ASME Section VIII Division 1 Stamps

    NBIC Certification (National Board Inspection Code)

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