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Vacuum, Heated, Cooling and/or Mechanically Insulated

AET is renowned for its expertise in crafting custom single-wall vessels. Yet our mastery extends further into the fabrication of various insulated vessels, including vacuum vessels and vacuum jacketed vessels. With years of experience and innovation under our belt, we are adept at meeting the specific needs of each client.

Fostering a Unified and Efficient Work Environment
To further our commitment to excellence, our Weld Shop, Machine Shop, and Engineering Departments are strategically co-located within the same facility. This close-knit setup promotes seamless communication and encourages the exchange of ideas. It also allows for immediate problem-solving and collaboration, which is essential in expediting the manufacturing process of equipment requiring tight tolerances.

Incorporating Advanced Insulation Technology
As we transition into the core of our products, our vacuum jacketed vessels stand out. They are engineered for optimal performance in both low and high-temperature applications. The vacuum jacket is a pivotal feature, acting as a robust insulator to effectively minimize cold or heat loss—a critical component that enhances the efficiency of your entire process.

Prioritizing Safety and Performance
Safety is of paramount importance to us. The jackets on our insulated vessels are meticulously designed to do more than just insulate; they create a vital safety barrier. This design ensures a stark temperature difference between the internal environment of the vessel and its outer surface, reducing touch hazards and protecting operators from potential injuries.

Addressing Reduced Condensation and Minimal Frosting
For applications demanding low temperatures, our vacuum jacketed vessels prove their worth once more. They excel at reducing external condensation and minimizing frosting on the vessel’s surface, contributing to a cleaner and safer workspace.

Mastering the Craft with Vacuum Vessels
Moving beyond insulated jackets, our vacuum vessels are masterfully engineered to enable your processes to operate at peak performance. These vessels are designed to maintain an internal vacuum, effectively insulating their contents and allowing operations to continue smoothly, regardless of external climatic conditions.

Ensuring Quality Assurance Above All
Before any of our products leave our premises, they undergo rigorous testing. This step ensures that each vessel, whether vacuum or vacuum jacketed, meets or exceeds industry standards. Our team of ASME certified welders is dedicated to upholding the highest quality workmanship standards, further solidifying our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Concluding with a Client-Centric Philosophy
At AET, our ethos revolves around our clients. We take immense pride in not just meeting but exceeding client expectations. Whether you need a vessel to maintain cryogenic temperatures or to withstand high-pressure environments, our expert Chicago team is poised and ready to craft a solution tailored to your needs, ensuring that your operations run smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Some Industries that utilize jacketed vessels are:

Process Equipment / Extraction:
AET’s vessels allow precise temperature control for optimal chemical reactions, mixing, and compound separation, key for high-purity extractions.

Cryogenics / Cold Storage:
Our vacuum-insulated and mechanically insulated vessels are essential for maintaining extremely low temperatures, safely storing and transporting cryogenic liquids and gases.

Scientific R&D:
For researchers, AET’s vessels offer precise and reliable control over reaction conditions, ensuring consistent and repeatable experiments.

Food/Beverage and Oil-Based Product Manufacturing:
Our vessels enable meticulous temperature control during various mixing, cooking, and brewing processes, essential for maintaining product quality and safety standards.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:
Jacketed vessels in this industry are used to maintain the strict temperature control required during drug formulation and production, ensuring product integrity and safety.

Chemical Industry:
These vessels are pivotal in chemical synthesis and processing, where maintaining specific temperatures is critical for reaction rates and product yield.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:
Temperature control in the manufacturing of lotions, creams, and other products is crucial for product consistency and quality, and jacketed vessels play a key role in this process.

Brewing and Distillation:
In brewing and distillation, jacketed vessels allow precise control of mash and fermentation temperatures, crucial for flavor, alcohol content, and overall quality.

Dairy Processing:
For pasteurization and other heat-treatment processes, our vessels ensure that dairy products are processed safely and efficiently.

In summary, AET’s jacketed vessels are invaluable tools for a wide range of industries, each offering precise temperature control that is pivotal for product quality, safety, and process efficiency.


Jacketed Vessel types:

Vacuum Insulation Jackets: No More Frosting

Our vacuum insulated vessels are designed with advanced vacuum technology that acts as an effective insulator, dramatically reducing thermal conductivity and minimizing heat loss. These vessels can be designed with or without Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI), depending on the client’s specific requirements. MLI enhances the insulating properties, offering layers of radiation shielding and further boosting the vessel’s performance in maintaining precise temperature conditions.

Water/Glycol Room Temperature Jackets: Stability and Control

Transitioning to our water/glycol room temperature jackets, these vessels are designed for efficient temperature control and stability. They employ a circulating mixture of water/glycol that envelops the vessel, enabling precise control of the internal temperature. This makes them perfect for applications where a stable and specific temperature must be maintained.

Heated Element Jackets: Precise Control at High Temp

For processes requiring elevated temperatures, our heated element jackets are the solution. These vessels are integrated with electrical heating elements that are meticulously controlled, allowing for precise and uniform heating throughout the vessel. These systems are designed for applications where precise high temperatures are critical for the success of the process.

Mechanical Insulation (i.e. Wool): Traditional, Trusted, and Effective

Finally, for clients who prefer or require a more traditional insulation method, we offer mechanically insulated vessels using materials such as wool. This type of insulation, although classic, is highly effective in reducing heat loss and maintaining the vessel’s contents at the desired temperature. Wool insulation acts as a thermal barrier that is both cost-effective and reliable, making it a popular choice for various industries.

Certified Welders and Processes

AET is an ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Code Section VIII Division 1 Facility and can provide customers with “U” and “UM” Stamped Vessels. We can also provide NBIC, National Board Inspection Code, “R” Stamp repairs for vessels and components, please see our Repair and Refurbishment services for more information on “R” Stamped repairs.

ASME Section VIII Division 1 Stamps

  • “U” Stamp : General Boiler And Pressure Vessels
  • “UM” Stamp : Small Vessels Requiring NBIC Number

NBIC Certification (National Board Inspection Code)

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