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Pressure, Vacuum and Containment Vessels

With a long history of providing Vessels, Chambers, and Containment Storage to customers of various disciplines, AET is well versed in meeting customer specifications. Our Weld Shop and Machine Shop being in the same location helps to expedite the manufacturing process.

If you find that you’re encountering cracked or damaged pressure vessels on your property, it’s time to consider repairing or replacing them. It’s imperative that damages aren’t ignored on ASME pressure vessels. Doing so could cause extensive damage to property and people. Don’t wait.

At AET, we specialize in providing ASME pressure vessels for a wide range of industries. Our certified welders follow strict testing and inspection instructions, ensuring industry standards are met and exceeded. We also have years of experience providing repairs on damaged vessels, making us your one-stop-shop for pressure vessels. Whether you want new, repaired, or refurbished vessels, our expert team can handle the job.

Never leave the state of your ASME pressure vessels to chance. At best, your process will lose efficiency and effectiveness. At worst, you’ll cause damage to your facility and your employees. Let our experienced team help you figure out the best solution for your needs.

Certified Welders and Processes

AET is an ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Code Section VIII Division 1 Facility and can provide customers with “U” and “UM” Stamped Vessels. We can also provide NBIC, National Board Inspection Code, “R” Stamp repairs for vessels and components, please see our Repair and Refurbishment services for more information on “R” Stamped repairs.

ASME Section VIII Division 1 Stamps

  • “U” Stamp : General Boiler And Pressure Vessels
  • “UM” Stamp : Small Vessels Requiring NBIC Number

NBIC Certification (National Board Inspection Code)

Some Design Requirements Ability Engineering regularly meets for our customers:

  • Full Vacuum
  • High Pressure
  • High Temperature
  • Manways and Easy-Openings
  • Low Temperature
  • Jacketed Vessels

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Contact Information

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc.

16140 South Vincennes Avenue | South Holland, Illinois
Postal Code: 60473 | United States of America

Phone: +1 (708) 331-0025   |   Fax: +1 (708) 331-5090

ASME Section VIII Div 1. U | UM

ISO 9001:2015
Cage Code: 3W141

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