If you find yourself volume-restricted by your suppliers or in a bind with cost, our helium gas purifiers may be right for your facility.

Engineered to enhance minimum 15% helium gas to 5N+, our purifiers are ideal for most any location.  Most commonly used by specialty gas distribution corporations or scientific/testing facilities to increase earnings or reduce helium loss. Additionally, AET’s cryogenic adsorbtion helium gas purifiers can be utilized in full recovery systems to recycle processed helium that has been collected from system vents. 

For more information on how our cryogenic purifiers work, please see our main cryogenic purifier unit page.

Product Highlights:

  • Cryogenic Adsorption Method
  • High Flow Rates
  • High (~3000 PSIG) and Low (~300 PSIG) Pressure Design Flexibility
  • Semi-Automatic or Full PLC Driven Controls and Data Collection
  • Ease of On-Site Service and Maintenance
  • Outlet Purity of 99.999%+
  • In-House Testing Capability
  • 24/7 Run-Time Options
  • Local Pressure Vessel Code Compliance

Why get your purifier from AET?

  • Units in operation for 30+ Years
  • Skilled fabrication, ASME certified
  • Designed for easy Maintenance
  • Less than 6 Hour Self-Regeneration
  • Low Maintenance – High Uptime
  • Reliable and Readily Available Parts

Examples uses of High-Grade Helium Gas:

  • Supplying Pure Helium to Liquefier for Cooling Applications
  • Inert Atmosphere for Semiconductor and Fiber Optic Manufacturing
  • Leak Detection Gas
  • Specialty Gas Mixes
  • Laser and Beam-Line System Purging
  • Arc-Weld Purge
  • Specialty Balloon Manufacturing & Supply
Further Thoughts:
With a constantly tightening helium market, one must always be prepared for changes in supply chain.  Don’t wait until your suppliers restrict you, be prepared with options to pursue when it happens.  AET is ready to ask the questions necessary to help determine if it makes sense, and provides the expertise you would require if it does. To start the conversation, initiate contact by calling, emailing or utilizing one of the contact forms below.

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