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If you are facing volume restrictions from your suppliers or grappling with high costs, AET’s Helium Gas Purifiers could be the perfect solution for your facility.

Designed to elevate helium gas concentrations from a minimum of 15% up to 99.999% purity (5N+), our Helium Gas Purifiers are versatile and suitable for various environments. They are most commonly employed by specialty gas distribution companies and scientific/testing facilities, serving dual purposes: boosting revenues by optimizing the purity of helium and minimizing helium loss through efficient recovery.

In addition, AET’s cryogenic adsorption Helium Gas Purifiers play a key role in full recovery systems. They enable the recycling of processed helium collected from system vents, thereby promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Product Highlights:

  • Cryogenic Adsorption Method
  • High Flow Rates
  • High (~3000 PSIG) and Low (~300 PSIG) Pressure Design Flexibility
  • Semi-Automatic or Full PLC Driven Controls and Data Collection
  • Ease of On-Site Service and Maintenance
  • Outlet Purity of 99.999%+
  • In-House Testing Capability
  • 24/7 Run-Time Options
  • Local Pressure Vessel Code Compliance

Why get your purifier from AET?

  • Units in operation for 30+ Years
  • Skilled fabrication, ASME certified
  • Designed for easy Maintenance
  • Less than 6 Hour Self-Regeneration
  • Low Maintenance – High Uptime
  • Reliable and Readily Available Parts

AET’s Helium Gas Purifiers are specifically designed to ensure the delivery of high-purity helium, enabling these diverse and critical applications to be conducted with the utmost efficiency and reliability.

Further Thoughts:
With a constantly tightening helium market, one must always be prepared for changes in supply chain.  Don’t wait until your suppliers restrict you, be prepared with options to pursue when it happens.  AET is ready to ask the questions necessary to help determine if it makes sense, and provides the expertise you would require if it does. To start the conversation, initiate contact by calling, emailing or utilizing one of the contact forms below.

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Examples uses of High-Grade Helium Gas:

  • Cooling Applications:
    • Supplies pure helium to liquefiers used in MRI machines, superconducting magnets, and cryogenic research.
  • Inert Atmosphere for Manufacturing:
    • Provides a stable, non-reactive environment in semiconductor, fiber optic production, and chemical processing.
  • Leak Detection:
    • Serves as a trace gas for detecting leaks in pipelines, vacuum systems, and refrigeration units.
  • Specialty Gas Mixes:
    • Essential component in medical, diving, and calibration gas blends requiring precise concentrations.
  • System Purging:
    • Used to purge optical paths in lasers and beamlines, for arc-weld shielding, and to displace hazardous or reactive gases.
  • Specialty Balloon Supply:
    • Ensures consistent performance in scientific, high-altitude, and advertising balloon applications.
  • Gas Chromatography:
    • Used as a carrier gas in gas chromatography for chemical analysis.
  • Breathing Mixtures:
    • Part of gas mixtures used in deep-sea diving and medical treatments.
  • Electronic Manufacturing:
    • Used in growing silicon crystals and to protect delicate electronics during assembly.
  • Nuclear Reactors:
    • Acts as a coolant in certain types of nuclear reactors.
      Aerospace and Space Exploration:
      Used in testing components for leaks and to purge fuel from rocket engines.

AET’s Helium Gas Purifiers are specifically designed to ensure the delivery of high-purity helium, enabling these diverse and critical applications to be conducted with the utmost efficiency and reliability.


The AET Helium or Hydrogen Recovery Purifier is a streamlined solution for gas purification. Designed as a cryogenic adsorber-based system, it effectively handles gas flows under pressure, seamlessly removing impurities through the process of adsorption.

At the core of this purifier, AET employs silica gel or equivalent adsorbents as the active material. This is housed within an adsorber vessel, which is carefully submerged in liquid nitrogen to achieve optimal purification conditions.

Recognizing the importance of resource conservation, AET has smartly integrated heat exchangers into the system. These components serve a critical function: they pre-cool the helium or hydrogen gas before it makes its way through the desiccant/adsorbent bed.

In this way, AET's design not only preserves valuable cryogenic fluids but also enhances the overall efficiency and sustainability of the purification process. With the AET Helium or Hydrogen Recovery Purifier, you are investing in clean, efficient, and responsible gas processing technology.

Process Description

1. Gas Inlet Process:
Impure gas arrives at the AET purifier and is divided into two separate streams.

  • The first, larger stream flows through Heat Exchanger I, where it swaps heat with the returning, purified helium gas.
  • The second, smaller stream is directed to Heat Exchanger II. Here, it is cooled counter-currently by a stream of nitrogen gas that is exiting a boiling bath of liquid nitrogen.
    These two streams then reunite and travel to a coil submerged in a liquid nitrogen bath within Heat Exchanger III. At this stage, the gas is cooled to nearly the temperature of liquid nitrogen.

2. Moisture/Gas Phase Separator:
After cooling, the gas progresses to a separator that extracts any liquid nitrogen or oxygen droplets from the stream. This separator's level is diligently monitored, and any accumulated liquid is systematically vented. Simultaneously, nitrogen boil-off gas leaves the liquid nitrogen pot and cools the smaller incoming gas stream in Heat Exchanger II.

3. Adsorber Bed:
Next, the process gas advances into a cold bed of silica gel in the Adsorber. Here, contaminants within the gas are adsorbed onto the surface of the silica gel, effectively purifying the gas.

4. Gas Outlet Process:
Finally, the full, cleaned stream exits the Adsorber bed. It returns to Heat Exchanger I, where it once more exchanges heat with the larger incoming stream. Having been thoroughly purified, this stream then exits the AET system as high-quality, clean gas.

In this structured and efficient setup, AET leverages precise engineering and expertly designed components to ensure effective and reliable gas purification.


Image Can't Load - Process Diagram for Purifier

Purifier Process Diagram

AET's low pressure design would be advised if your purifier falls under the following conditions;

  • Pressure of 150-600 PSIG
  • Mass Flow of 30 grams per second+

Low Pressure Case Study

The institution was feeling constraints on their supplier in response to a lesser high purity helium supply.

  • Volumetric Flow 60 grams per second
  • Pressure 300 PSIG
  • 99.999%+ Outlet Purity Achievable
  • PLC Operated ( Allen Bradley )

Automated Run Processes with Allen-Bradley PLC;

  • System Purge and Cooldown
  • Main Run Condition - Generate Pure Gas
  • Regeneration Process - Purge, Heater, and N2 Flow
  • Can Integrate Gas Analyzer to Automate Further

This is an image of a Cryogenic Purifier

Low Pressure 60 Grams per Second Helium Purifier with PLC

Though we have standard models available, we offer engineering services to meet your requirements.
Please contact us for all of your low pressure helium purification needs.

AET's high pressure design would be advised if your purifier falls under the following conditions;

  • Pressure of 2200 PSIG+
  • Flow of 50 NM^3/Hr+

High Pressure Case Study

AET was contracted to provide a helium gas purifier to an academic institution in Taiwan. (Image Below Case Study)

The institution was feeling constraints on their supplier in response to a lesser high purity helium supply.

  • Flow 100 NM^3/hr
  • Pressure 2200 PSIG
  • 99.9999% Outlet Purity Achievable
  • Manually Operated

System Addons;

  • Moisture Trap / Pre-Condenser (Utilizes Vent N2 Gas)
  • Oil Removal System
  • High Performance Regeneration Heater
  • Adsorber LN2 Jacket Auto-Fill

This is an image of a Cryogenic Purifier

High Pressure 100 NM^3/hr Helium Purifier with Oil Removal System

Please contact us for your all of your high pressure purifier needs.

If you are requiring something outside the realm of what we show here on this site, we can provide a custom quote!

Some applications and industries that would benefit from gas purification include:

  • Testing and Calibration Centers
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Production and Relocation
  • Cryogenic Storage Facilities
  • Industrial Gas Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities
  • Research and Development Laboratories
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Renewable Energy Plants (e.g., Hydrogen Fuel Cells)
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding Operations
  • Leak Detection Services

Tools related to Helium Purification:

Ability Engineering has many products that can be applied to our purification systems:

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