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AET exhibited at IG China 2018 with positive results. This year had a good mix of individuals looking to partner in the Shanghai region for industrial gas equipment and we hope to attend the next event as well. If you missed us at our booth, please let us know via or contact us and we can direct you to an agent local to your region.

About the Expo


IG, China is an annual event of industrial gas industry, which has been held since 1999. With its annually increased number of exhibitors and visitors, this event has won higher appraise from exhibitors and visitors.

Component Makers and Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection
Reaction Vessels: Performance Engineering Testing, Equipment
What to Look for in a Used Cryogenic Immersion Freezer
Pressure Vessel Manway Covers and ASME Value Fabrication
Thermal Expansion Relief Valve Vs Expansion Tank: A Guide
Understanding a Stainless Pressure Vessel in Lab Scale High Pressure Reactors
The Future of Pressure Vessel Manway Covers: Innovations and Advancements
How Wide Flange Beams are Manufactured: Processes and Techniques
Choosing the Right Cryogenic Dry Break Couplings for Your Application
Common Applications of Used Cryogenic Immersion Freezers: Scientific and Industrial Uses
The Art and Science of Precision Machining of Small Parts
Understanding ASME B31.3: The Key Features of the Process Piping Standard
All-HeatExchangers Reaction Vessel: A Question of Chemical Reaction Partnership
The Role of LNG Cryogenic Hoses in the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
The Evolution of Cryogenic Technology: A Deep Dive the Modern Cryostat
The Cryostat Machine: Safety Protocols and Best Practices
The Waterjet Cutting Machine And Auto Industry: Revolutionary
Waterjet Cutting: How to Evaluate Quality and Precision in Your Local Service
The Role of Hydrostatic Testing in Ensuring Pipeline Integrity
Understanding Slide Valve Types, Applications, and Maintenance
Understanding the Basics of Dye Penetrant Test – All You Need to Know
The Evolution of Industrial Process Equipment: A Look into the Future
Fusing Metals: Exploring Various Welding Services, Versatile Applications
The Advantages of Using a Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel in Industrial Applications
Exploring the Applications and Benefits of Garolite
Choosing the Right Drafting Services: What to Look for and Why
A Guide to Streamlining, Expediting Vessel Repair
The Importance of the Pneumatic Test in Pipeline Integrity
Safety Guidelines for Operating a Small Pressure Vessel
The Helium Recovery System in Today’s Industries
A Guide to Metal Fabrication in Industrial Settings