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Material has been the subject of many conversations over the past year, but increasingly-so lately due to Nickel based worries.  This week’s tip is simply a real-life example of these price and lead time increases.  In January, we were requested to provide pricing for a system that has over 10,000 lbs of Stainless Steel 304/304L Material (Approximately 33k USD COST).

The customer chose not to proceed at that time with the order due to price constraints, but has now chosen to re-evaluate.  Material pricing on that same request is now 10% higher at 36k USD COST with additional lead time and a shorter quotation validity window.

TIP: Pricing is higher than it was last year, let alone weeks ago. However, if you need something sooner, rather than later….don’t wait.  Look at what you can order now to secure the material wherever possible.

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