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Electronic control systems provide for automation, logging and analytics, and less need for human intervention. This lowers costs and provides for remote equipment operation.

When you are sourcing complex equipment, working with an equipment manufacturer that provides turnkey solutions like electronic controls panels and automation customized to your needs will save time and costs.

Because of these benefits, AET supports our clients with a variety of turnkey operations, including the option of built-in automation, partial electrical control, and monitoring instrumentation. With our design and build experience, remote operation can be integrated into a wide range of equipment, from simple heating and cooling systems to complicated Helium Purification systems which involve over 60 valves and instruments. We have the experience to engineer, manufacture, and program complex custom industrial and scientific equipment for a wide range of applications. We specialize in solutions for energy, aerospace, and industrial gases.

To learn more about our experience with electrical services and the advantages to switching, check out the Electrical Services section of our website:

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