#tiptuesday What kind of 3D Model Files can you provide to AET?

We use Solidworks as our primary CAD Program.  We are up to date and can install any version from 2010-2021 based on what you need us to use.  To send us native files, just be sure to use Solidworks’ Pack and Go function to make sure no sub-file is missing. https://bit.ly/3dKW9Uc 

As far as transmitting files to us in non-native formats, such as from PTC Creo or Autodesk Inventor, the best translation is done with the following formats, listed in order of what typically results in the best translation, in our experience;
Parasolid (.x_t), Step 214 (.step/.stp), Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (.IGES)

If you’re interested in having us take a look at your current project, keep in mind that we are willing to do budgetary quotations based on models and simple specifications only. You don’t need to wait until detailed fabrication prints are done to work with a budget in mind.

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