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At AET, by keeping in touch with where we are in the manufacturing phase, we can better prepare for what’s coming. As such, we utilize many tools that enhance the production of custom assemblies. In this spotlight, we’d like to cover how AET’s Scotchman 5014-ET Ironworker enhances our production capabilities.

This 50-ton Ironworker helps us accomplish a variety of tasks related to raw stock.  This tool can punch a 13/16″ diameter hole in a 3/4″ steel plate, shears/notches angle and flat bar, and makes specialty features such as oval holes or corner radii.

For a full breakdown of features related to the 5014-ET Ironworker, we’ve included a 2 minute video made by Scotchman Industries which highlights the general capabilities.

Not everything requires the precision of a multi-axis mill, and knowing when to use what tool can help keep cost down for us and our clients.

When looking for a system engineering and manufacturing company, keep in mind that it’s best to keep a handle on the in-house capabilities held by that manufacturer. Will your process be stalled because they need an outsourced service that takes weeks?

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