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Pressure Vessels are containers that are designed to hold materials, Gas & Liquids at a pressure that is substantially higher than the ambient pressure. Due to these environments, care must be taken in the design to ensure proper fabrication and usage of the pressure vessel. AET has been designing and fabricating ASME Pressure Vessels for decades. Below we will lay out the process in which we go through to help our customers with the best possible design.

  • Design – The Most Crucial and Critical step of the process! All steps after are derived from what we learn in the initial collaboration with the customer. We, AET, must take the customers’ requirements; Design Pressure, Maximum/Minimum Design Temperature, Factor in the ASME standards, and that will lead us into the next critical step, Material Selection.
  • Material Selection – Based upon the customer requirements that we discussed in the Design Phase, will lead us to what Materials can/should be used. Based upon what material is used, price can determine the route the customer goes. Those materials can be, Carbon & low alloy steels, Aluminum, Stainless steel; 300 series, high temp, Inconel & Hastelloy, duplex SS, & nickel alloys.
  • Industry Standards – When doing Research for pressure vessels, you need to make sure that the company you are looking into complies to recognized industry standards. U, R, & UM Stamps, ASME Section VIII and CRN for Canadian customers.
  • Pressure Tests – Testing pressure vessels by manufactures will confirm capacities and performance. Tests conducted include Hydro-test, He Leak test, Radiography, and NDE – PT, MT, UT.
  • Lifting & Mounting of Vessel – One overlooked aspect, is that of how the Vessel will be lifted and/or mounted once in service. We, AET, take consideration of this during the design phase whether it be Saddles or legs for final placement or predetermined anchoring points to lift properly.

AET, Ability Engineering Technology, Inc. is a Leading manufacturer of pressure vessels. We take pride in offering you a vessel that meets or exceeds industry standards and your custom requirements. For your next project reach us at 708-331-0025 or