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Vacuum and pressure solutions cannot fail, especially when it comes to aerospace applications. Hence, finding the right partner for a project is extremely critical. You need a partner who –

·         Works with aerospace grades of material,

·         Meets CMM-Quality in machined parts,

·         Has the capability to conduct engineering analysis of pressure, vacuum, and extreme temperature components.

·         Holds an ASME Section VIII Division 1 certification

·         Has proven industry experience

For over 30 years, AET has been the preferred provider for pressure vessels, piping, flex assemblies, and more for our aerospace customers like NASA. We hold ASME Section VIII Division 1 certifications, cryogenic expertise, and engineering & systems analysis capabilities.

The most common needs our aerospace clients have include thermal expansion/contraction relief, alignment control, and large volumetric flow fuel lines. These types of components also serve our lab and scientific clients working with industrial cryogens and liquid natural gas.

We invite you to see examples of the work we have done in the aerospace sector and contact us to talk about what we can do for your company.

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