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What kinds of conversations should you be having when contracting for complex custom components and systems?

 It should start with talking about potential cost reductions. Also, thoroughly discuss form, fit, and function and seek material selection assistance. Materials heavily impact final product performance. Also, look at ways to design for repeatability or eventual repurposing to save on future projects.

Ultimately, you need to have conversations that ensure you get what you need and want. This should include making plans for product testing–preferably in-house. These conversations are the norm at AET.

We provide multiple planned engineering reviews for custom projects: a kickoff meeting to discuss the overall requirements, a preliminary design review meeting, and a production readiness and final design review meeting. This careful staging of reviews and swift action when issues arise has solidified our relationships with clients and “separates us from the pack” according to one R&D client. They added, “Ability has worked with us quite well and has resolved many of the design and fabrication issues that inevitably arose.”

 If you’re looking for this kind of collaborative relationship, visit our website to request a quote.

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