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On-going consultation is critical to a successful project. Ensure you understand your partner’s consultation and communication process before any project sign-off. Why?

Through consultation, you can communicate project aspirations which enables the engineering partner to align the designs with manufacturing realities leading to early removal of any design shortcomings or pitfalls in the process. Further, consultation gives you precise cost quotes and the opportunity to modify the design to better fit your budget.

Here at AET, we invite our clients to discuss questions and concerns at various checkpoints during the course of a product to ensure complete satisfaction with the design.

For example, a representative from Petrak Industries, a partner of AET’s for the last 20 years, commented that our ability and availability to provide answers to questions that come up set us at the top for custom precision equipment design and manufacturing. Creating and maintaining an effective line of communication between the client and our team is a priority.

If you are looking for a company with a detailed and organized approach to consultation, and the reputation that demonstrates quality. Contact AET today!

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