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It is a known fact in cryogenics that heat leaks increase energy use and drive-up operating costs. So how do you optimize operating costs? By choosing a precision engineering and manufacturing partner with specialized expertise in cryogenic systems and components.

To evaluate a company’s capabilities, ask some key questions:

  • What kind of system analysis do they perform?
  • Are they checking for heat leaks? For expansion and contraction of the system as a whole?
  • Do they incorporate ASME design considerations?
  • What other evidence of cryogenics expertise can they provide?

For example, we were contracted by Fusion Technology and Engineering Division of MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center to design and build a toroidally-shaped Levitated Dipole Cryostat (LDX). The main components of the experiment were a superconducting magnet housed in the LDX cryostat. The cryostat consisted of three nested toroidal shells maintained by a series of supports and bumpers. The lightweight, high-pressure helium vessel was surrounded by a thermal shield and a vacuum shell, all of which would be magnetically levitated inside a much larger vacuum vessel.

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