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We believe it is important for a partner to offer a diverse skill set. This allows for accurate quotations and the ability to pivot on design and manufacturing as needed. From specification and 3D modeling through fabrication and testing, it ensures a project achieves the desirable expectations and outcomes.

Our belief has been validated by our consistent success over two decades consulting and collaborating on projects with National Laboratories, the US Department of Energy, NASA, universities, and scientific R&D at industrial companies. Cost-effective R&D must incorporate manufacturing realities. At AET, we’re proud of our ability to bring value- added engineering services.

For example, for the expansion can and phase separator shown in the 3D model image, we held bi-weekly meetings with the client to discuss design enhancements and manufacturing status. We gathered client feedback throughout the process.

Even with the client’s own R&D team, a second-party review by AET’s design team built certainty into the project. To learn more about partnering with us and to see more examples of our R&D work, please visit Research and Development.

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