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At AET, we are greeting the New Year by renewing our engagement with you. As a precision equipment engineering and manufacturing company with 35+ years of experience and a specialty in cryogenics, we are here to be a solutions resource for you.

In the coming weeks, we intend to leverage our in-house experience to help educate you on evaluating the critical success factors to success in a project. This starts from capabilities to look for in a partner to the importance of the process to the depth of knowledge and industry expertise.

Speaking of our in-house experience, let us introduce – Tuan Vo, one of our Mechanical Engineers and Engineering Team Leaders, pictured here, exemplifies the depth and breadth of knowledge that AET provides. With 12+ years at AET and expertise in cryogenics and fabrication, his experience as a machinist, operator, testing technician, fabricator, and foreman, along with an engineering degree, makes Tuan extremely valuable to our clients.

Looking for a company that you can work with from the initial design of your product to the final manufacturing of it? AET does that! Visit our website to learn more and contact us for a quote for your next project: Ability Engineering Technology, Inc.

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