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Completed Projects Over The Last 30 Years!

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Completed Projects Over The Last 30 Years!

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Going to CEC-ICMC 2023 in Hawaii July 9-13th? AET Will Be There! Come see our applications experts and we would be happy to help with anything you might have coming up related to Cryogenic or Non-Cryogenic Engineering / Manufacturing. #cec-icmc #cec-icmc2023...

#TBT Assembly of a Rotating Piece of Equipment – 1970s

A machinist and fabricator assembling a product assembly in the 1970s. These types of assemblies would be either refurbishments or new builds. #manufacturing #oldschool

#TBT Centrifuge Basket Manufacturing – 1999

This centrifuge basket was manufactured for a vertically oriented centrifuge. This assembly would have had rolled and welded shells, plate ends, and balancing services. #welding #machining #manufacturing

#TBT Cleaning and Painting of a Cold Box – 1998

This cold box was in the final stages of the process at our facility in 1998. The external of the box was to be cleaned and painted to protect the mild steel vacuum vessel exterior from atmospheric elements. #manufacturing #painting

#TBT In-Fabrication Cold Box Manufacturing – 1998

We can see the open end of a horizontal cryogenic cold box in this image from 1998. This assembly would include a plate-fin heat exchanger, stainless steel piping, a shield, and vacuum vessel. #engineering #cryogenics #manufacturing

#TBT V-Blender Assembly Testing – 2007

This V-Blender was manufactured with the purpose of mixing and heating a powder substance. #manufacturing #welding #science

#TBT Jacketed Reformer – 2008

This is an image depicting insertion of a baffled center body to a jacketed reformer. Tolerance between the baffle ring and the inner tube are extremely critical in such an assembly. #manufacturing #welding

#TBT Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Vertical – 2009

#TBT Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Vertical - 2009 This 6ft tall Vacuum Chamber was used for testing larger articles for atmospheric effect. #vacuum #technology #science

#TBT Garolite G-10 Plate Machining – 2010

G-10 Material can be difficult to machine with fine details without cracking. AET has experience in machining these types of plates for multiple applications. Other plastic/fiberglass materials could include Nylon, Teflon, ABS Plastic, Graphite, etc. #machining...

#TBT Multi-Diameter Vessel – 1990s

#TBT Multi-Diameter Vessel - 1990s This multi-diameter stainless steel vessel was made in pieces and flanged together, as seen in the photograph. #vessels #asme #manufacturing

About Us

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc., AET, is a multi-disciplined engineering, design and manufacturing company specializing in providing engineered, cryogenic and process equipment and precision-machined parts for application within the energy, industrial, and scientific market segments. With more than 50 years of expertise in delivering engineered solutions to its global customer base, AET is known for its product quality, as well as its engineering versatility & creativity. More…

Our Mission Statement

“Who Says It Can’t Be Done?”

Our goal is for you to be satisfied in the products and services that we can provide you with. Quality of our customer’s products and Safety of our employees are our number one priorities. We will be, and always have been, competitive in product offerings and pricing. Due to close collaboration and open relationships with our customers throughout the designing and fabrication phases, AET will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We look forward to future ventures with current and future customers, and welcome anyone to contact us for more information about our products and services.

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Ability Engineering Technology, Inc.

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Cage Code: 3W141

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