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Who Has a Need for Helium Recovery Systems?
If any of the following questions are true for you, you may be in need of a helium recovery system.

  • Do you want to remove air, including moisture, from helium and condition that gas for use in a liquefier?
  • Do you produce ultra pure helium for sale?
  • Do you have a need for ultra pure helium at your facility?
  • Do you utilize helium in a system that would normally be vented? Do you want to re-capture it, purify, and reuse?

Ability Engineering Technology Inc. has provided helium recovery systems and components to multiple industries and markets including but not limited to Industrial Bulk Gas and Scientific R&D Applications. The design of a helium recovery system is a complex process and it is typically different for each customer. As such, to aide in the design and manufacture of a system that meets your needs, please complete this worksheet. If you require assistance in filling out this worksheet, please feel free to contact us.

Helium Purification Units are generally composed of Six modules. The Modules include Gas Storage, a Compressor, Oil Removal System, Gas Drier, Helium Purifier and Purified Gas Storage.

Helium Recovery System Module Diagram
If your impure process gas is from a low pressure source or the flow is intermittent you may need to store the gas until there is enough to process.
If the gas is at a very low pressure, a gas bag may be needed.
If the gas exits a process at pressure and at a continuous flow, storage may not be necessary, but is optimal.
If you process gas is from a low pressure or vacuum process, or from a gas bag, and you don't have an existing compressor in your system, you will need a compressor and possibly a buffer tank to store the compressed gas.
If you ultimately want your gas stored at a high pressure, 2000PSI or greater, you will ultimately require a compressor.
If you have an oil lubricated compressor in your system and find oil in your piping on the compressor outlet, you will require an Oil Removal System.
If your impure gas is stored in a gas bag, and includes purge gas containing a percentage quantities of air, you may need a Gas Drier. Within reason, we can tolerate some moisture in the gas stream within Module Five, The Gas Purifier, without a drier but above 500ppm we recommend a Gas Drier.
This is the heart of the Helium Purifier System. You can find out more about Ability's Helium Recovery Purifiers Here
If you don't already have a place to store your purified gas, and you cannot use it as you purify it, you will need a Gas Storage Vessel. These can be low or high pressure depending on your application. AET is ASME Certified and can assist in the design and manufacture of your storage vessel. You can find out more about our ASME Vessel Experience Here

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