Pumpout Assemblies and Operators

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc. provides several different designs of vacuum pump out ports and operators. Also known as "Vacuum Seal-Off Valves", Pumpouts and their corresponding Operators are used in conjunction with a vacuum pump to evacuate a potential vacuum space. The operator provides a way to use the Pumpout Port and then seal it once the vacuum pump is done evacuating the space. Our pumpout offerings will also relief in the event of pressure entering the vacuum space with as little as 15PSI. We can supply, but are not limited to, the options below:

  • Pumpout a la carte
  • Pumpout and pairing AET Operator
  • "KF" Style Pumpout
  • "KF" Style Pumpout Operator
  • "KF" Style Pumpout with pressure relief and vacuum gauge port

AET currently offers a pumpout and operator pair that can be purchased utilizing the following datasheets for order information:

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding any of our products.

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