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Gas Technology Institute

"The Gas Technology Institute has worked with Ability Engineering for over a decade. Ability consistently contributes valuable expertise and engineering insights, and work is executed to an extremely high standard. Components, vessels, and mechanical systems, built by Ability, have been functional, useful, and were delivered on time and on-budget. Engineering groups within the Gas Technology Institute will continue to use Ability as a preferred supplier for pressure vessels, machined, and welded components for the foreseeable future."

Petrak Industries

"Abiltity Engineering and Petrak have complimented each other for the past 20 years. When we have a need that requires high end engineering, and very difficult solutions, we turn to Ability. They always provide us with answers to questions not many in the industry can answer. They have been instrumental in a number of projects over the years and will continue to do so for years to come."


Woodward MPC

"Ability demonstrated to our team a technical capability we were unaware existed in our area. And their fabrication and manufacturing capability was remarkable. All they do is custom, and they were very accommodating in customizing the product for our needs. The equipment was delivered flawless and on-time. They actually did what they said they would do without us having to continuously "follow-up" on them. In the end, the system out-performed our expectations. Sourcing our thermal vacuum shroud from Ability resulted in a tremendous value to Woodward and helped make our space simulation program a rousing success."